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We are here to help you expedite your business growth, impact and profits, so you can Live Large!

Live Large Design brings together a global team of skilled individuals. As a location independent team, there is no limit to the skills and expertise we can offer. We are inspired by our surroundings and strive to bring our curious mindsets and unique perspectives to our work. Our vision is to optimize contribution and connection in the world through the powerful curation of creative materials.

Adele - CEO & Creative Director

From Alaska to Bali, Adele has always had a love of the outdoors, wilderness travel, adventure and creating. With a diverse background, she brings a unique set of skills and knowledge to Live Large Design. The agency name was born of her desire to live her life out loud in every way. Adele worked as a wilderness guide for over a decade on the rivers of Southwest America and Colorado, mushed sled dogs across Alaska, and ran environmental education camps for kids.

Never the settler, she loved her wilderness work, but wanted more freedom in her life and desired to live out her creative side. She received her Masters in Fine Art from Academy of Art University in San Francisco and started Live Large Design to provide high-quality visuals and websites to the industries that she loves most: Environmental agencies, outdoor tour companies, start-ups, and other impactful businesses.

Today, Adele travels internationally while running Live Large Design and managing her location independent team. Her life of travel has brought many unique experiences and connections. The Live Large platform now reaches beyond the design agency, guiding others to the Live Large way of life (check out the “Live Large Manifesto”). Through its team and customers, Live Large Design remains highly motivated by freedom, adventure and travel.

Veronique - Project Coordinator

Originally From: Québec, Canada

Skillset: Communication/language, Customer service & project management

Passion:Experiencing different cultures through new encounters, travel, literature & cooking

A dream with a plan becomes a goal. Pursue your goals. 

Originally From: South Africa

Skillset: Visual designer with a love for photography and words

Passion: Promoting South African artists in Europe

Creativity Takes Courage

Chantelle - Lead Graphic Designer
Jean - Support and Tech Lead

Originally From: Cebu, Philippines

Skillset: Content Creator, Illustrator and Website Developer

Passion: Inspiring people in beauty, fashion and art through creative content on my blog and social media

Everything Happens for a Reason

Originally From: Punjab, India

Skillset: PHP/WordPress Developer with a passion to code frameworks

Passion: Coaching to help people tackle tough personal and professional decisions in their life

Your Problem Isn’t the Problem. Your Reaction is the Problem.

Sumit - Developer