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Empowering Entrepreneurs

Live Large Design empowers entrepreneurs to be visible in today’s marketplace by creating strategic brand foundations through graphic and web design. We specialize in branding, interactive design and attaining maximum exposure in front of the right audience. As an agile agency, we provide strategic processes within your budget while ensuring a superior end product.

  • Cycle Co-creative Process

    Our agile, co-creative process develops your brand platform powerfully, to stand the test of time for maximum impact

  • Directions Board Our Brands Save $$$

    Our customers save money while developing brand awareness & loyalty through our one-time process that lasts

  • Telescope Attract Sales

    We make sure your brand is as attractive as your product/service, magnetizing your ideal audience effortlessly

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Our Manifesto

Live Large

Everyone has something exceptional and unique to offer this world. There is no greater joy than partnering with others who also seek growth, contribution and peak performance!

We are like you: Adventurers, risk-takers, entrepreneurs, travelers, lovers and creators. We seek the road less traveled and our own truth, no matter the cost. We come together, from around the world, connected by one common strand: Our desire to live out the largest versions of our lives.

We are passionate about creating. Our fingers were covered with paint as kids, and now with the help of technology, we have endless opportunity to make our creations come to life. We are geeks about setting typography, love playing with color palettes, and will never stop refining our work. We see the design process much like our lives: an endless journey toward new horizons.

We are driven by freedom. Passion and independence fuel our late night brain-storming sessions. We prefer board shorts and bikinis to corporate attire, but that doesn’t keep us from rocking the work day. From cowork spaces, tents, vans, hotels, and airports, all we need is an internet connection and our computers.

We strive to succeed. We know what it takes to get back up and keep pushing. We have learned to not only survive, but thrive in the visual landscape. We test, explore and collaborate to bring the best possible solutions into the light of day.

We value experience and relationships. It’s not the destination that ignites us, but the journey to get there. We work together to come up with solutions that we would not have found alone. Wired for connection and comfortable with establishing our own discipline, we don’t need outside factors to motivate our work ethic.

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We are here to help you expedite your business growth, visibility and profits, so you can Live Large!

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Stand and Rock
Design for Good

Every year, we choose a pro bono project that supports the United Nations sustainable development goal of "Clean Water for All." Our love of river travel and surfing inspires us to find ways to provide "Design for Good" in our communities through clean water initiatives. We believe that, together, we can find solutions to world problems. This year, we worked with Social Impakt, a water filtration organization in Bali, Indonesia. Find out more about our partnership supporting global clean water.

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Why Our Customers Love Us
  • It’s nearly impossible to cut through the noise of modern life, but Live Large Design was able to give a clear and strong voice to the music that we’ve worked so hard to share with the world. With the help of Live Large Design, we’ve been able to reach an audience bigger than we ever expected with exactly what we wanted to say.

    • Blackwater Railroad Company
  • Live Large Design is simply the best. They were efficient, detail oriented and hard-working. We are extremely pleased with their work on our two best-selling book designs and will continue to use their services in the future.

    • Love Notes From Hell & Heal Your Hunger
  • Adele is a fabulous designer. Her comfort level working within websites and designing for digital purposes has been incredible—she has such a robust skillset. Her positive attitude and creativity is inspiring and has been incredible to work with. She’s truly an asset.

    • Evergreen Communications
  • We would like to thank our friend, Adele of Live Large Design, for working with us on our website to get the look and feel that we were going for. We were able to accomplish all of the planning over the internet/phone and she has set up a platform that is easy for us to update on the road and has spent the time to teach us how to use it. We are excited!

    • Squid Acres Kennel
  • Adele is an expert in typesetting, layout, and photo editing for the elements needed to bring the creation of my book to life visually. She managed the design process end to end, which allowed me to be confident to focus on my part as an author. The final product is everything I expected and more. I am truly grateful for her expertise and professionalism.

    • Alaska Farmer’s Market Cookbook