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About Live Large Design

Live Large Design creates beautiful public platforms that uplifts the visibility and effectiveness of its clients. We provide unique and effective strategy, graphic design and promotional services.

We connect, empower and curate the creative with a holistic, inclusive and custom approach. Our services provide a platform for powerful exposure and branding that includes business strategy, logo design, visual collateral, websites, technical services, and marketing outreach.

Live Large Design Features

STRATEGY: We provide a comprehensive and strategic branding process that includes the development of core organizational values, mission statement, and marketing outreach strategies. We help create solutions that are long-lasting and in alignment with each individual organization. Every aspect of our process is customized to the client and target audience, making for an extremely effective end product. The strategy we develop provides the compass for the rest of the design process.

DESIGN: Our design process is intrinsically tied to the strategy created. Visuals are built with a clear mission statement and value system in place. This allows the visuals to reach the target audience in a very authentic and unique way. Our design work reaches far beyond a simple logo and website, into a full brand package that will forever inform the visual look of an organization, allowing for complete ease of future design collateral.

PROMOTION: Once a solid brand foundation is built, we offer ongoing design and promotional services, which is an excellent way to get the most out of all the hard work we will have put into building your brand. This helps to keep your organization relevant and fluid, allowing for an ongoing dialogue with your target audience, continual visibility in your market, and increased effectiveness of your product and/or services.