Are you ready to increase your visibility, clientele & sales?

You are in the right place! As you move from a startup to a thriving business, you need to increase your conversions and ROI as you build a strategic and recognizable brand foundation.

Did you know it takes around 7 interactions before a prospect will buy from you? Let’s jump into creating a system for your business that will allow those touch-points to be consistent and memorable, not to mention measurable and profitable.

Here’s how we can help you:

→ Save money & increase profits through a comprehensive brand & website
→ Maximum your visibility through our proprietary design process
→ Save time & frustration by strategically positioning your business

Waves - Live Large Design




Custom Logo + Branding Package

We will build your brand strategically from the ground up, serving as the visual compass for your business. It’s not just about creating a beautiful logo, but also developing a visual system that will convey your message clearly to your target audience to get optimal conversions.

+ Custom Vector Logo Design
+ Strategic Positioning Strategy
+ Brand Guidelines & Visual Language

You are crystal clear about your business and now are ready to accelerate into a brand and website presence so you can start making revenue! We will build your brand and website within 3 weeks without compromising quality while ensuring you translate to your target audience.

+ Custom Logo & Branding Package
+ Strategic Positioning Strategy
+ Brand Guidelines & Visual Language
+ Website Package (Phase 1)



Expedited Brand + Website Package



Strategic Visual Language + Custom Website

You already have a stellar logo, but need to extend your brand into a website presence. Your logo doesn’t inherently make your brand. You need the extension of a powerful visual language and website platform to reach your ideal audience and sales goals.

+ Visual Language & Mood Board Creation
+ Strategic Online Positioning Strategy
+ Website Package (Phase 2)
+ Search Engine Optimization

We are here to help you expedite your business growth, visibility and profits, so you can Live Large!