Happy Valentine's Day

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by Adele Wiejaczka

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Who loves your customers more than you do?
Okay, well most of them anyway.

1. Show your customers social media love

A personalized post is a nice way to delight and honor your customers publicly. Write something heartfelt and genuine on your social media profile (Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram are all great platforms to reach your clients for Valentines). Remember to stay true to your brands voice! Does your brand personality mesh well with the values of Valentine’s Day? If not get creative and add some humor. Maybe write some funny posts about being Anti-Valentines.

2. Hold a Valentine’s Day Contest or giveaway

Holidays are a great excuse to run special marketing campaigns. Giveaways and contests are one of the best generators to get re-shared and to generate new business leads. Do you have a service that you could offer for free or discount? Make a whole campaign out of it! Get new eyes excited about your business and products.

3. Don’t Forget the single people!

Include a few love-cynical quotes on social media or celebrate with special offers on Feb 15th, which is “Call in Single Day.” Remember that not all of your clients have a special someone and they will appreciate the personality and inclusion… only if this matches your brands humor levels though.

4. Give out Valentines or an Ecard

If you have a brick-and-mortar business, print out a simple Valentine’s Day card to hand out to your customers with their receipt! Write something appreciative on it, it’s guaranteed to make them feel special. If you have the budget for it… Chocolate is always welcomed. And if you have a digital focused business, send out an email with an Ecard telling your clients you are thinking of them. Make it genuine and in tune to what your customers like. Maybe even combo it with a discount!

5. Reward your best customers

Special offers to your most loyal customers is a great way of keeping them loyal and rewarding them for always being supportive of your business. Giving a small gift with a purchase is a really great way to make them feel special if you have the budget for it. If not, 2 for 1 deals are a great Valentine’s Day special.


6. Decorate your business/Get festive

Get out your streamers, hearts, candy bowl, and clever valentines. Remember that no one will put more into your business relationship than you do. Your investment (the extent to which you go to to show customers that you really care about them) will be reflected in their ‘love’ for and loyalty to your business. The key thing to keep in mind is that the result is never going to exceed your investment. Plus, if you do it correctly… clients and employees will post about it on social media helping to get your business out to fresh people.

7. If you have an online store, create a pop-up subscription box for a discount to your services

According to eConsultency, website pop-ups report an increase of opt-ins by up to 400%. That’s likely because it’s a very effective way of getting your customers attention. Be careful of being overly aggressive with pop-ups, but we think adding value via a pop-up is always welcome. Just remember to set it to only appear one time for each website viewer.

8. Create an email or social media gift guide

Group some of your products together to be a special Valentine’s Day package. Dress it up nicely with some great packaging. Customers are more likely to buy something if it is pre-wrapped and ready to give to their special someone. Send out a list of your best suited Valentine’s Day products to easily show off the perfect selections for the season.

9. Make Valentine’s Day your customer Appreciation Day

Make sure your employees make all your clients feel valued on the day. Give them the tools they need to do it. Through twitter and social media, try to reply to all your messages with some type of Valentine’s Day love.

10. Let customers know you hear(d) them

Do your customers often ask for you to make a certain change to your product? Do they ask for an item to be created? Give it to them for Valentine’s day! Adding features not only adds value to your company, but it also lets your customer base feel heard. For example; Have your customers been asking for a certain style of product that is a little different than your current brand? Make it and sell it in a limited Valentine’s Day run!


Love signs


From all of us at Live Large Agency, we wish you a lovely Valentine’s day! Whether it’s going to be spent doting on the one you love or just giving Valentines to each of your 16 cats. Know that we love you and are here to help your business, projects, and passions succeed.