Graphic Design & Website Audit

to evaluate your business platform and visual effectiveness



Live Large Design is currently offering FREE custom SEO (Search Engine Optimization) audits for your website, so you can determine the most effective steps to increase your online traction.

Websites listed on the first few pages of Google attract more traffic. They are perceived to be there based on reputation, merit, and overall success. Learn more about SEO on our blog: 7 Reasons Why SEO is Important for Your Small Business.

Why you need an SEO Audit?

It is crucial to update your website based on the latest search engine developments, given that rankings in search engines are based on many constantly evolving factors. If you have a website that was launched several years ago, it is most likely outdated in terms of SEO and search engine guidelines.

What to expect from the SEO Audit?

An SEO audit will examine, diagnose, and offer recommendations to make sure your site is performing its best. We will advise you on what SEO strategy should be applied to your site to improve its overall performance. Depending on the result, technical SEO improvements may be required.

After the SEO audit has been completed by our team over 2 business days, we will send you a summarized report with specific guidelines and clear recommendations.

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